CBS Sunday Morning Team is First Class

cbs-morning-showThis feature story was shown twice nationally on the highly-acclaimed news magazine program CBS Sunday Morning.

The CBS producers all but had their segment, titled “Ink,” “in the can” until they saw the TATTOO NATION documentary.

They then decided to hold off until they interviewed “yours truly” and then re-edit. They wanted to get their story right. That’s why the CBS Sunday Morning team is first class. Most wouldn’t care. They did.

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A Letter from the Director

The Making of Tattoo Nation & You.

What was the driving force, for over 5 years, behind the making of the documentary Tattoo Nation? It was people like you. People who have a burning desire to express themselves by making their body their own work of art.

Tattoo is an art form that takes a level of commitment and conviction required by no other art form. For many decades, a tattoo was falsely believed to be a true sign of an unsavory person’s character.

This prejudice is one of the main reasons, with the help of David Oropeza and many others, this film was made. We wanted the non-tattooed to understand that tattoo is a thoughtful art of self-expression.

We also wanted to tell the fascinating story of the Black & Grey style. How these fine-line and shading techniques were born and the artistic pioneers who brought them to us, making the amazing illustrative tattoos we see today possible.

The goal of Tattoo Nation is to be more than the name of a documentary film. We want to develop an international community, which, discusses and shows the continuing development of this amazing art form.

Art serves many important roles in our lives. It is inseparable from our humanity. Tattoo is certainly one of those arts. We will soon have two articles that will tell how tattoo has helped some people conquer major challenges in their life.

Please feel free to send in any ideas involving tattoo you would like to see covered.

I hope that you participate in the future of Tattoo Nation.


Eric Schwartz
Director / Executive Producer

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